< BACK 6-TIER-LUX With a contemporary, sleek appearance, the 6-TIER-LUX kit is sure to make a lasting impression at your next event. This kit features a monitor mount on the center wall for all your digital content while each side wall features 6 shelves to display product. Your brand is sure to stand out with […]


< BACK 3-TIER-SLEEK The 3-TIER-SLEEK is a simple, yet essential booth to focus attention to your brand. The 3-TIER-SLEEK kit includes 3 sturdy shelves for displaying your product while the custom graphics show off any information you want your audience to know. This booth offers minimal set up on the fly for a brand on […]


< BACK EZ-SLEEK The EZ-SLEEK is a stylish and functional exhibit booth. This booth includes a display counter, monitor mount, and a lockable closet for all your storage needs. The simplicity of the SEG fabric graphics and extrusion frame make it a simple set up while speaking volumes. KIT INCLUDES Frame, 4 SEG fabric graphics, […]


< BACK ULTRA-VIEW The ULTRA-VIEW is a perfect solution for product display and showing off your brand! The 6 shelves are ideal for displaying small product while the central monitor mount shows any digital content you want your audience to see. All this along with the SEG fabric graphics is sure to help your product […]


< BACK SEE-SCAPE Your brand is sure to stand out with this 10’ x 10’ inline kit. The SEE-SCAPE is able to display a variety of products! Show off lightweight items such as clothing on the slotted wall or hang shelves with products to show your audience. A monitor mount is included for any digital […]


< BACK DELIGHT-LUX With the sturdy aluminum frames paired with high quality graphics, the DELIGHT-LUX has a one of a kind appearance. The DELIGHT-LUX features a lockable storage cabinet for all give away and security needs along with a central monitor mount for any digital content. Top and side canopy-style pillowcase fabric graphics help your […]


< BACK FAVOR-LITE Set your team up for success with the FAVOR-LITE kit. This display is ready for visitors with two monitor mounts and LED display lighting to illuminate down on your custom SEG graphics. The two backwall counters come with lockable storage so your team can be ready for any giveaways or product for […]


< BACK LIGHT-LUX LIGHT-LUX is the perfect solution for a modern appearance. Welcome your audience with the contemporary look with heavy duty aluminum frames coupled with SEG graphics and Sintra graphic accents. With the LED display lighting, your message is sure to stand out! KIT INCLUDES Frame, two fabric graphic panels, six white Sintra, two […]


< BACK PRIVA-LITE PRIVA-LITE is a great solution for all types of events and environments. Transport your audience into your brand with the semi-private feel this booth creates. With the combination of high impact graphics, the custom graphic half-walls, and the stylish canopy your audience is sure to feel immersed in what you have to […]


< BACK INNO-VISION Make a lasting impact with the INNO-VISION kit. This kit features push-fit graphics, aluminum frames, a monitor mount for all your digital content, and a locking storage counter for giveaways, personal items, and more. INNO-VISION also features an illuminated panel guaranteed to capture the attention of your audience. KIT INCLUDES Frame, side/top […]

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